The Government Surplus Electronics Channel includes Communications Equipment, such as telephones, radios, radar systems and antennas. We also offer Computer Equipment, such as desktop and laptop units, printers, copiers, scanners and peripherals on this constantly updated channel. Check here for the government surplus equipment needed for any and every type of analysis, diagnostics and testing. You also can rely upon this channel to search for the spare parts needed to fix, replace or update your existing equipment.


On the Government Surplus Electronics channel,  find a wide range of communication, computer and high-tech equipment available for public or private sale.


Follow our Government Surplus Electronics Channel to upgrade the communication, computer and other evolving technologies used for homes, businesses or organizations. The channel is updated regularly.  Let’s return under-utilized government assets to beneficial and revenue-generating use. We are proud to provide this listing of products offered by the U.S. Government seller for private and public purchase. Here’s where to start your search for everything you need for home, industrial, business or professional use.


The Government Surplus Communication Electronics Channel is regularly updated with the latest listings of telephones, radios, radar systems, antennas, accessories and parts made available for public or private purchase.

Computer Electronics:

Upgrade your computers, printers, copiers, scanners, peripherals and related technologies for home, business or industrial use with the latest releases from our Government Surplus Channel. Parts and accessories are also available here.  Repair, replace or upgrade your existing equipment through this channel.

Computer Electronics:

Government Surplus uses state-of-the-art computer technology to secure and maintain this channel.

The Government Surplus Electronics Channel offers a wide range of analysis, diagnostic and testing equipment for public or private purchase.

Government Surplus products for sale include equipment for medical, laboratory, veterinary and other scientific uses. Look here for state-of-the-art  equipment needed for the analysis, diagnostics and testing of physical, mechanical, electrical or other modern technologies. Our offerings include oscilloscopes, counters, indicators, calibrators, multimeters, simulators, emulators and more. You can also find parts and accessories to upgrade or repair your existing equipment. Put this channel to work for you!