On this channel, Government Surplus offers equipment, machinery and parts for transportation or work on land. It also offers everything needed for transportation or work in air. Government Surplus offerings also can meet your needs for transportation or work through, over or under water. These Government Surplus assets are grouped, listed and further described under the land, air and water sections, within this page.


The Government Surplus Equipment Channel delivers under-utilized assets for home, business, industrial and professional purchase. Other governments also shop through us.

Government Surplus also offers parts needed to improve work, travel and living conditions throughout the world. You can find available parts under the corresponding categories: land, air, water.


Government Surplus helps the U.S. Government find private and public purchasers for under-utilized equipment.

Land Equipment:

This category includes machinery, equipment and parts to work on land. Here is where to find generators, lifts, tractors and other agricultural government surplus assets. You also can find excavators and other construction-related asset offerings on this channel. Government Surplus supplies a wide range of vehicles for land travel. You can find bicycles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, cars, vans, busses, trucks, equipment trailers and much more. The listings on this channel are where to start your search!

Equipment Sale Feeds

Available government surplus properties for use on land are listed here.

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Air: On this channel, Government Surplus offers machinery, equipment and parts to work and travel in air.  Available assets include everything anyone could need to travel through air;  from satellites and NASA Shuttle/Hubble to propellor planes, jet planes and helicopters. Take off in here!

Water: This Government Surplus channel includes marine equipment, machinery and parts to work in, above and under water. Available assets include a wide range of items, from buoys and floats to vessels. Begin your search here for the purchase of vessels to travel over water, such as boats and carriers. You also can find assets for travel under water, such as submarines. You also can find marine surplus parts on this channel. Properties no longer needed by our government are available here.