Products and appliance for home, office, government and industrial use are available from Government Surplus. We list these government surplus offerings in one organized channel. Here is where you can find furnishings for your residential, commercial, industrial and governmental needs. We organize these listings so you do not waste valuable time searching for needed properties in a lot of places. We also regularly update our listings to show what is recent.


Government Surplus furnishings are well-suited for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects.

Government Surplus properties are released for sale by the U. S. government. Since there a need for immediate turnover and revenue generation, the price is discounted. Our channel is designed to expedite the sale of under-utilized, seized or forfeited government assets to private or public purchasers.


Government Surplus is a technologically advanced company with a reputation for immediate and accessible design.

Home, Commercial, Industrial or Governmental Use:

Government Surplus furnishings are suitable for use in your home. You may also purchase them for rental homes. Whether you need them for a single dwelling or for multi-family dwellings, we have the quantities of furnishings you need. These government surplus assets also make an excellent addition to commercial, industrial and governmental settings. Among our offerings are included household/personal industrial machinery such as cleaning equipment, sewing machines and a myriad of appliances and devices for cooking, refrigeration and cleaning. Also listed for sale on this channel are jewelry, musical instruments, furniture, fitness equipment, exotic collectibles and photographic equipment, among many other things.

Discount Value

Because these furnishings are government surplus, the price is generally discounted. These savings enhance the value to purchasers.

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Xtra Technologies

Furnishings for Home, Office and Industry are among our many products.

Mas Technologies, Plus Extra

The Government Surplus channel offers a wide range of commercial and residential furnishings that also can find a place and fill a need in industry and in other governmental projects.

The Government Surplus Furnishings Channel is regularly updated with new offerings of cleaning, cooking and refrigeration appliances for public and private dispersal. We offer refrigerators, coolers, stoves, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and floor polishers for your every need. We also have laundry and dry cleaning equipment on our channel. We also list a lot of other useful equipment that can be put to work at home, office, industry and government places. The surplus could be anything. It is waiting here for you. Go ahead and take a look. You just might find something you truly want and need.