On Government Surplus we offer police and fire rescue vehicles, machinery, equipment and tools. Whether you’re looking for ambulances or equipment for fighting wild fires, you can find it here.


On the Government Surplus Police-Fire-Rescue Channel we offer a wide range of equipment and vehicles.

Police-fire-rescue equipment includes a wide range of offerings. At Government Surplus, police accessories include everything from armor and helmets to flashlights and batons. We also offer vehicles and parts for a diverse inventory of police vehicles for patrol, safety and protection.


Firefighting Equipment includes everything from boots to tools. The equipment can be used in metropolitan areas or in wild lands. We also offer parts for firefighting equipment and supply working and fix-up vehicles. Start here to fuel your home, business, industrial or government projects.

Fire Equipment and Supplies

This Government Surplus channel includes everything from accessories to tools to vehicles. Look here for fire extinguishers, ladders,  fire blankets, hoods, hoses and nozzles. We offer the equipment and vehicles needed to fight fires in the city or country.

Fire Equipment:

This channel is regularly updated to list the most recent releases of government surplus fire equipment made available for private or public purchase.

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Government Surplus offers a wide range of police-fire-rescue equipment, tools and vehicles. Start your search here.

On the Government Surplus Police-Fire-Rescue equipment channel, you can find everything from binoculars to night vision gear. We also offer all sorts of flashlights, lanterns, gloves and knives.  Government Surplus products for medical, dental and veterinarian needs include articles for infection control, CPR manikins, first responder kits and first aid kits. You can also find ambulances, life preservers, emergency blankets, immobilization and traffic safety equipment along with gear for rappelling and for disaster preparations.